Kei DUBB Finds Success on Exposed Vocals

Team Kei DUBB has launched a slue of YouTube videos on the very popular independent artistes website “Exposed Vocals”. So far the videos have garnered 7000+ views in just 19 days after joining the site and uploading the first of several videos. Team Kei DUBB is hoping that with increased promotion, the tracks and videos will continue to garner this budding independent artiste the attention her music warrants.

The most popular video is by far her Hip Hop/Dancehall track “Too Late, Too Soon” originally written for a free for download track. The song, though originally released as a free buzz track has received so much positive attention that Kei DUBB’s team is considering re-doing a new version of the track and including it as an official offering (under a different name) on her upcoming 2013 EP. While enjoying the successes, Kei DUBB is busy at work recording singles for her upcoming EP which will feature artistes such as Atlanta-based, Jamaica born artiste Dré, Island-Pop artiste Timmy T and the incomparable Nickeishia Barnes.

You may visit Kei DUBB’s page on Exposed Vocals by clicking here

Kei DUBB Releases “Too Late, Too Soon”

Kei DUBB’s new track “Too Late, Too Soon” from her upcoming mixtape, hit the airwaves Mon, Oct 29, 2012 just hours after it was recorded. After the original track was lost lost, Kei had a few minutes in the booth to do her thing and that she did. When it was over, the “Move Along” singer was left with a track that was raw, unprocessed and real. You may listen to the song here, embedded from the singer’s SoundCloud account.

Kei DUBB Tweets About Her Very First Music Award

Kei DUBB took to her personal twitter account early today and tweeted a picture of her very first award in music dating back to 1995 when she was 9 (going 10) years old. The award was a book, of which the inside cover reads “Presented to Kerri-Anne Walker Musician of the Year 1995.” The award was handed to her by the then principal of her preparatory school Mrs. JJ Playfair, grand-aunt of one of Jamaica’s leading Marketers Tara Playfair-Scott (@taraplayfair – twitter). You may view the tweet here

Kei Dubb Makes Mixtape History

Kei DUbb becomes the first Jamaican artiste in history to be included on a DJ Wats hosted mixtape. The Street’s Choice 3 mixtape features the likes of Snoop Dog, 2Chainz, Lil Wayne and upcoming rap star Azealia Banks among other talented artistes from Wats’ Bakery Gang organisation. With only a short time (approximaately 1 hr) to listen to the track, write, get to the studio and record the intro to the third installation of the DJ’s legendary Street’s Choice mixtape series Street’s Choice 3, Kei DUBB who was fighting an inflamed right lung, headed to a friend’s studio (DréDay Productions) to lay the track on the DJ Wats’ behalf.The DJ has worked with the likes of Kanye West and MTV, along with other celecbrities and industry movers and shakers. Although the recording itself only took a few minutes, Wats is very pleased with the final product. Both parties are eagerly anticipating a positive working relationship going forward. Up to press time, the mixtape (available on Dat Piff for free) was viewed over 19,000 times by music lover everywhere, and has garnered over 10,000 combined streams and downloads. You may listen to Kei’s track below and download the mixtape.

Kei DUBB Celebrates 50 Years With Jamaica’s Leading Dentistry Professionals

Nickeishia Barnes’ protégé, Singer/Songwriter Kei DUBB was invited to entertain the warm and enthusiastic crowd at the ….. . As host of the event, Kei’s mentor and cherished friend, Nickeishia gave her a warm welcome and introduction as she took to the stage to perform her 3 song set. Her set included her new hit single “Move Along”, Alicia Key’s “No One” and Fantasia’s “Even Angels”. Nickeishia also took to the stage with perfect vocals and performed “Wind Beneath My Wings” and her favourite Bob Marley song “Turn Your Lights Down Low”. Both songs featured background vocals and cameos from Kei DUBB.

Kei DUBB, Nickeishia Barnes Drop New Singles

The long anticipated new singles from Singers extraordinaire Kei Dubb and Nickeishia Barnes are finally available. Since being made available to the public, Move Along and I Cry (Kei + Nickeishia respectively) have be creating quite a stir on social media, blogs and radio worldwide. Both singers expect the singles to create the much needed buzz and momentum to fuel their upcoming musical projects. You may listen to both songs below.